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21 февраля 2018, 10:35

This Fan’s Han Solo Anime Short Looks Better Than The Movie

Stay on target

Solo: A Star Wars Story’s first trailer debuted during the Super Bowl, and it looked pretty lacking. I’m not sure about the actor they chose for Han himself, and I’m not very excited to see the movie. But I’m still a Star Wars fan, so I was thrilled to see this manmade anime short by Daz Tibbles in just four days. It’s only a 40-second video teaser, but it captures Han’s attitude and personality perfectly. It does a better job of the trailer showing off a side of Han that we should have seen from the live-action version.

It’s impressive work, especially since one person took the time out of their schedule to put it together. You can see Han zooming along in his speeder while being tailed by stormtroopers, a devilish grin on his face, before the trailer fades to the Star Wars logo with Japanese embellishments. It would make for the perfect project, but unfortunately, we’re getting the live action…whatever that was that is Solo: A Star Wars Story.

If you like what you see, there are other Star Wars anime and manga out there that you can explore, such as this excellent TIE Fighter short and the Star Wars manga adaptations. Four movies were adapted, including The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, and of course the original Star Wars. It’s a format that lends itself well to the fantastic storylines of the original trilogy and beyond, and it’s strange that there hasn’t been a proper anime series made adapting the story. If you think Kylo Ren is impressive without a shirt for some reason in The Last Jedi, wait until you see a bishounen version.

What do you think of this fan’s handiwork? Is it indicative of a Han Solo movie you’d want to see?

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Source: https://www.geek.com/anime/this-fans-han-solo-anime-short-looks-better-than-the-movie-1731524/?source